Diabetic ItemsDiabetes Management Clinic

Location: 330 Chiloquin Blvd., Chiloquin, OR 97624
Call for an appointment: 541.882.1487

  • Nurse Education: A Nurse will review your chart; provide diabetes education, blood pressure, weight, foot checks, labs, immunizations and reminders of annual diabetes exams.  This will ensure you are meeting all of your goals in controlling your diabetes.
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling: A Dietitian will review your nutrition and physical activity needs to help you improve or maintain your blood sugar levels in order to control your diabetes. You will have the opportunity to set an individualized goal.
  • Pharmacist: A Pharmacist will provide medication therapy review, diabetes education and follow up to ensure safety and improve or maintain control of your diabetes.
  • Medical Provider: A Medical Doctor or Family Nurse Practitioner will reinforce recommendations by the team, finalizes your individual treatment plan and provides referrals in order to help you reach your individualized goals in controlling your diabetes.

Additional Services

Podiatry Exam: A Podiatrist will help you maintain foot care specific to those who have diabetes.

Diabetes Eye Care Program

Pays expenses for prescription eyeglasses for eligible program participants who cannot be covered through Contract Health Services.

  • To qualify you must:
  • Have a Diabetes diagnosis
  • Continue with a referral to your eye doctor for a dilated eye exam.

Screening can save your vision by detecting eye disease and is proven to prevent the progression of Diabetic Retinopathy by more than 95%.