City RunnersDiabetes Management Program

Location: 202 Pioneer Street, Chiloquin, OR 97624
Contact: Aislyn Ukpik, Diabetes Coordinator
Call for an appointment: 541.882.1487 x304

Special Diabetes Program for Indians:

  • Supports diabetes treatment and prevention activities for American Indian/Alaska Native communities.
  • Targets to reduce risk of diabetes, provide services to those with new onset diabetes, provide high quality care to those with diagnosed diabetes, and reduce complications of diabetes.

The Klamath Tribes benefits from the SDPI Community-Directed Grant by providing the necessary resources to reach out to the community on issues like diabetes awareness and diabetes management.  The SDPI Community-Directed Grant has been a benefit to our Diabetes Management Program, the community at-large and the Klamath Tribes as a whole.

All participants with diabetes have access to:

  • Community Events
  • Diabetic Dental Exams
  • Diabetes Management Wellness Clinic Appointments
  • Foot Care (Dr. Michael McCullough, DPM KTHFS & Skylakes)
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Program (LCDR Joseph Tibay Registered Dietitian 541-882-1487 x307)
  • Native Nike N7 and Incentives Program