Location: 330 Chiloquin Blvd., Chiloquin, OR 97624
Phone:  541.882.1487


The KTHFS pharmacy offers services to registered Klamath Tribal Members and Native Americans of other federally recognized tribes. All patients must be eligible and registered with Patient Registration.

The pharmacy is located at the Klamath Tribal Health & Wellness Center which is located in Chiloquin, Oregon. Patients may receive prescriptions at no cost; however, we can only fill prescriptions listed on our medication formulary. “Purchased/Referred Care (PRC)” eligible patients may receive non-formulary medications when medically necessary or formulary alternatives are not available. Our pharmacy team works with patients and their providers to help select optimal medications that are used safely, effectively, and responsibly; striving to provide both a professional as well as personalized patient care experience.



  • Prescriptions at no cost to eligible patients
  • Pharmacy consultation and medication education 
  • Pharmacist-managed Medication Synchronization Refill Program
  • Pharmacist-managed anticoagulation program
  • Home delivery for eligible patients
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services available to all patients
  • Adherence programs helping you with your medications include personalized medication lists, med boxes, refill reminders, bubble packs for eligible patients, and personalized care.
  • Medication disposal receptacle for unused, unwanted or expired medications is available at the pharmacy.

Prescription Refills

Please contact the pharmacy to request your prescription refills through the Refill Website, or through the RxLocal phone app. When requesting your prescriptions, please provide the prescription number or name of your medications.

Please request refills 3 working days before you plan to pick up your medications. This time is needed to fill your prescriptions and obtain authorization for refills from your provider if necessary. It will also provide us time to order your medication if it is not in stock.

Home Delivery of Prescriptions

You may be eligible for home delivery of prescriptions if you are a PRC-eligible Klamath Tribal Member and you are at least 60 years old and/or have a physical/mental disability limiting your ability to drive. Other urgent and critical conditions may permit home delivery on a temporary basis. Please contact our pharmacy to inquire about home delivery on a permanent or temporary basis.

Patient Education and Care

We care about your health and safety and we are committed to making sure you receive the best care possible. Your pharmacy team works hard to improve your health by making sure you receive the correct medications.

It is important that you understand your medications and the illnesses for which you receive prescriptions. Please let your pharmacist know about all medications you receive, including those from other pharmacies and over-the-counter drugs or herbal supplements. Please contact your pharmacist if you ever have questions or concerns about your medication.

Your pharmacist reviews each medication you take to determine the safety and effectiveness of the treatment prescribed. Each prescription is reviewed for:

  • Accuracy, completeness and legality
  • Allergies to any medications
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Drug interactions
  • Contraindications or special drug warnings
  • Drug selection appropriateness for diagnosis
  • Dosage appropriateness considering patient-specific conditions (i.e. age, pregnancy, liver or kidney disease, etc.)
  • Drug risk in patients with special considerations: pregnancy, renal failure, liver disease, heart disease, etc.
  • Safety protocols on high-risk drugs
  • Use in medication management protocols

Know your Medications

Medications can be an important means of treating and preventing disease. However, medications can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Pharmacists are required by law and ethically to educate and counsel on any new medications or when special considerations arise that affect your medications.

Before you leave the pharmacy you should know:

  • Why you are taking your medication
  • How you should take your medications
  • When you are to start and/or stop taking your medication
  • What to expect from your medication
  • What potential side effects or adverse reactions are associated with the medications
  • If there are any special storage requirements of your medication (refrigeration, keep out of sunlight, etc.)

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