Offices Closed

Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services be closed September 27th in observance of National Indian Day.


Request for Proposal

The Klamath Tribes would like to engage with an individual or firm to provide Clinical Supervision service for the YFGC program for term not to exceed one year. See attachment for RFP details and instructions for submitting a bid. RFP #KTHFS-19-02 Clinical Supervisor

Winter Weather Advisory

Please Note: Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services may cancel services due to snowy or icy road conditions.

For Purchase and Referred Care eligible patients only

If you have an urgent or emergent matter and need to be seen by a Provider during an unexpected or planned office closure, please make sure you utilize your health coverage as it would be the primary payer.

If you have the Oregon Health plan (Open Card), utilize a provider who accepts the open card. If you have Oregon Health Plan (CHA), you need to see the Provider you chose to be your managed care Provider. If It is a true emergency, please utilize the Hospital emergency room.

Please Note: Basin Immediate Care does not bill or accept the Oregon Health Plan.

Klamath Walk In Care Center (by Fred Meyer)- accepts Oregon Health Plan (Open Card) and is accepting new patients

If you do seek medical services during an unexpected or planned office closure, please utilize your health coverage and also make sure you call Klamath Tribal Health- PRC Department and leave a voicemail with the following information:

• Your name
• Date of service
• Provider you were seen by
• Telephone number
• Brief message